Changing history takes longer than expected.

Who are we? What’s our vision, our mission, our goal?

If you’re here, you probably know how the kosher phone industry is sorely lacking. Many have tried to fix specific problems, yet we remain with poor hardware and software quality, deficiency in security and functionality, and a multitude of day-to-day limitations.

The overall geder and the people holding on to it are on the edge each and every day. Technology advances every day making the nisayon harder, yet the frum community still doesn’t have an adequate answer to stand against it.

Keyphone’s mission is simple, grand, and daring:

We aim to create an alternative tech
industry at the highest standards of
kashrus and quality.  

Our mission is to make every Keyphone holder proud of their choice, not only that they chose to stay away from unsafe and non kosher communication, but also because they possess the most advanced and flawless custom device on the market.
That’s a tremendous mission and one some call impossible. Yet, we’re in the midst of creating a device that’s nothing short of flawless.

Quality means

Top engineers are building
our tech from scratch.

Safe means

There is no way to
hack a Keyphone.

Hi-tech means

We will be certified by
big-tech names.

Software, hardware, functions, and design; everything is created from scratch
to ensure that your experience doesn’t allow for any limits or setbacks.

This moment is historic and our mission is clear, We’re stubbornly driven, and no limits can stop us. 

That’s the great news.

But the larger the mission, the larger the investment of time, money, and resources. We stumbled upon a few obstacles on the road in the form of unexpected requirements that without bowing to them, we can’t keep our promise of perfection, And that’s not an option!

We aren’t backing off from our mission, We aren’t succumbing to good enough,
We are here to change history, And changing decades of a tech narrative takes time. 

We’re asking for your patience as we forge ahead.  

Tomorrow, we see a day where a Yid can communicate kosher with pride.

Today, we work toward that vision.

What happens next:

Phase 1

Beta testers will receive the first batch of Keyphones over the next few months. Those phones will not be perfect, They will be ready for them to use and assess what’s lacking, they will then provide us with input on improvement. 



After our team of beta testers are 100% satisfied and everything is approved by top engineers, high-tech, and security experts, we will release the phone to the open market.

Thank you for bearing with us.