Revolution Needs you!

Your Strength

We see your strength, We admire in awe how you stand up every day against the dangers of technology, And we feel your pain when dealing with the basic phones that don’t provide the most basic needs.

Our Mission

 It’s time that your phone lives up to your kashrus standards without compromising on quality, security, and technology.   

That’s our mission: Keyphone is here to change communication in ways you’ve never dreamed possible. 

No internet. No apps.

Keyphone software doesn’t allow internet access or apps, This means you can access essential features without crossing forbidden boundaries. 

A sneak peak at the revolution:

 ✓ Banking

✓ Contactless Pay 

✓ Car service

✓ Parked Car Finder

✓ Google Sync

✓ Cloud Backup

✓ Bus Schedules and Tracking

✓ Listings: Minyan, Business, Shul

✓ Zmanim-Based Alarm Clock 

✓ SMS Verification Codes (Talk only models)

✓ Yiddish/English Keyboard 

Keyphone will offer a variety of models suited for individual needs:
Talk Only, Text, Business, and more.

Join the revolution.

Testing is an integral part of the product development cycle, 

 Would You like to participate in our team by being a beta tester? 

Your participation and feedback will help us release a better phone!

Changing history takes longer than expected.

We’re asking for your patience as we forge ahead.